Santikaro’s Teaching Schedule

In COVID-19 times, “Safer at Home” remains an opportunity for meditative retreat. “Wise distancing” is still a space for inner work and spiritual solitude rather than “isolation,” as encouraged in Buddhist teachings. Let us do what we can to support each other in Dhammic health & wholeness as the pandemic runs its uncertain course.

2021 Home & On-Line Retreats via Zoom

Retreat offerings adapting as the year evolves. *Some retreats are in-person.*

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  • (On-Line) Anapanasati Retreat: Contemplating Feeling Tones – August 14-21
    This retreat will emphasize the “second tetrad” of mindfulness with breathing, which contemplates the nature of vedanas such as pleasure, pain, satisfaction, joy, and well-being. We will also review the basics of breathing, posture, attitude, and context. Details will be posted soon. Please read this PDF for more description and details. Register here.
  • * In-Person Retreat at Cloud Mountain – September 17-23
    This retreat will be held in-person at Cloud Mountain (there’s space for 24 people with Covid protocols in place).

Kevala Retreat is a quiet, safe refuge for personal retreat. We are restricting numbers to allow adequate precautions, but retreat is still possible for up to three people at a time (more for groups that share a COVID bubble). We are happy to host you. Santikaro is in residence much of the time, but he is beginning to return to travel and teaching away from Kevala as conditions allow. Please email or call with questions about on-line or on-site personal retreats.

2021 On-Line Retreats

  • (On-Line) Mid-Winter Retreat with Refuges and ResourcesJanuary 27-31 (5 full days)
    The holidays are past, days are colder, nights are longer, and the pandemic continues. This can be a challenging time to sustain our Dhamma practice and live up to our inspired resolutions. Whatever the external conditions, we sustain ourselves by fostering Resources and Refuges to rekindle wholesome states of mind when bogged down, stumbling, or on autopilot. The Dhamma offers a web of resilience to tap into on a daily basis. Please read this PDF for more description and details.
  • (On-Line) Mindfulness with BreathingFebruary 22-27 (6 full days)
    Breath is life and mindfulness with breathing (anapanasati) is the foundation meditation of original Buddhism. Breath connects us with the here-now, webs of life that support us, and deeper realities of mind-body. This retreat will emphasize how breath shapes health, clear-calm mind, and insights. We’ll explore webs of relationship that involve breath and the cyclic, patterned nature of life. Please read this PDF for more description and details.
  • (On-Line) Brahma-Viharas, Divine, Immeasurable AbodesMarch 22-26 (5 full days)
    Through kindness, compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity our hearts release from deadening egoism. These “godly homes” — along with gratitude, forgiveness, trust, and respect — are beautiful alternatives to destructive emotions like envy and anger. These facets of love express our commitment to Dhamma in a world that’s often divisive, scary, and exploitative. By opening ourselves beyond petty ego fixations we embody the better world everyone deserves. Please read this PDF for more description and details.
  • (On-Line) Four Ennobling Realities (Ariya-Sacca): an introduction to the fundamental teachings – April 28-May 2 (5 full days)
    The Ariya-Sacca are truths that guide practice out from the suffering of a life bound up with craving and clinging into the freedom and peace of Dhamma-centered life. We will contemplate an important suttas (discourses of the Buddha) that illuminate the ennobling realities, our guides beyond the poisons of greed, hatred, and delusion. The retreat’s emphasis will be on contemplative reading and careful reflection. Please read this PDF for more description and details.
  • (On-Line) Healing from Divisiveness – hosted by Dharma Zephyr Insight Meditation Community – May 15-16 (2 days)
    Santikaro will lead explorations of the “inner divisiveness” that bubbles up in all of us and draws us into outer conflicts. He will draw upon the many wonderful tools that Buddha-Dhamma offers for understanding and addressing the roots of division within each of us. Please follow this link for more information & to register.
  • (On-Line) Re-emergence into Life – hosted by Insight Chicago Meditation Community – June 1-6 (6 full days)
    Spring is a time of re-emergence: trees bud, flowers bloom, and birds return. For many reasons, this Spring will have much to celebrate. In Buddhist tradition, we celebrate by offering our practice to the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha. This retreat will explore the following themes. Details are posted on the ICMC website and in this PDF. And register here.

2020 On-Line Retreats

  • May 16 – 22 originally at Cloud Mountain (PDT) Details
  • June 25 – 28 with Brahma-Viharas, Divine, Immeasurable Abodes (CDT) Details
  • July 19 – 25 with Mindfulness with Breathing (Anapanasati) (CDT) Details
  • August 19-23 exploring The Five Bundles of Clinging Online (hosted by Heartwood Refuge, NC) Details
  • September 11 – 24 limited Residential with Anapanasati at Cloud Mountain, WA (Santikaro supporting via Zoom)
  • October 20-25 online with Dependent Co-Arising, Emptiness, and the Middle Way hosted by Insight Chicago (CDT)
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