Critter Care

On a semi regular basis, when conditions allow, we foster, re-home and adopt critters in need. Over the years we have been a temporary or permanent home for dozens of cats and seven horses.

Kimono/Kendall TNR

We are currently in the process of trapping, neutering & returning dozens of free roaming area cats. Vet services are often prohibitively expensive and low cost spay and neuter clinics have long wait times. Combine this with a farm culture that does not see domesticated cats as needing human assistance, and the result is large amounts of feline suffering as these animals face an inhospitable world, largely on their own. Our nearest neighbors have done a lovely job of feeding and sheltering a large number of them, but they do not have the means of providing sterilization. Additionally, two nearby farms were recently vacated, leaving large numbers of cats with no care at all. With unfettered reproduction, the numbers of suffering animals will only increase. With numbers at this level, we feel we must step in now to try to ease the situation. Most of these cats are not socialized to humans and the kindest thing we can do is sterilize them and release them, providing auxiliary shelters and food where we can. Some of them are friendly however (see Marcus and Cloud below) and currently one litter of beautiful Halloween kittens (three blacks and one orange!) are still young enough to receive socialization and be adopted.

Please email kevala at kevalaretreat dot org if you have an interest in offering foster or adoption to one or two of these six cats that still have a chance for a peaceful, domesticated life!

Please see the donations page to donate to the Kimono/Kendall TNR effort. Note “TNR” on your donation. We intend to trap a minimum of 20 cats – there may be twice that many in need with the two additional farms. Each animal served costs a minimum of $50 dollars for a low-cost neuter and a rabies vaccine. This does not include food, litter, transport or the cost of special care. Please help us care for as many of these lovely kiddos as we can, and help them live their life without the added burden of reproduction, and without adding to the number of un-homed kitties.

Marcus & Muffin

ADOPTABLE: Marcus (white) is loving, kind, quiet, tolerant of other cats and stoic (hence his name). He is seen here comforting Muffin (orange and white), whom he has just met. They were believed to be litter mates initially, so housed together, but we later found out Muffin is a brand new arrival to the colony. Jennifer Malin funded care for Marcus and Muffin. Both were released back to the outdoor feeding and shelter of the neighboring barn. Muffin prefers the outdoors, but Marcus would appreciate an indoor home. He was released to make room for kenneling & care of the remaining TNR kitties but he would not be difficult to re-capture and bring inside. It takes some patience for him to feel fully comfortable with any particular human, but once he comes around you are rewarded with a lovely purr! He is fond of lounging on laps and soft beds, and has a very quiet nature. Please inquire if you are interested in providing Marcus a permanent indoor home!

Osha, funded by Joan Ryan, is a sweet friendly girl who likes to connect with humans once she trusts them. She has a soft purr and enjoys cuddles. She has been released to make room in the kennels, but could be recaptured.
Two of the Halloween Kittens were funded by Kathy Schwerin. Tabby Town of Westby, WI graciously accepted them into their adoption program. Their two litter mates remain at large.
Laura Hauer and David (Dhammadasa) Branscomb provided funds for the basic care of River and Cloud. River made a great escape inside the Spay Me Clinic! She is anxious to get back to the great outdoors after the cold spell breaks on Monday.
Susan Cushing funded Cloud’s medications for pain control and her skin and ear infections. Cloud will remain an indoor kitty and will make a super affectionate lap kitty for someone. She is a tiny bundle of love. Please email if you have a lap to offer!
Bear’s care was provided by Merri Monks. He is one handsome and fierce dude, and he has made himself at home in the heated kitty beds in the Kevala Herd barn.

The next round up will take place on December 5th when Dr. Jan Doelle and Linda Viska of Winona will provide care for six to eight additional kitties. Thank you to Spay Me! Clinic of Madison, Dr. Jodie Anderson and Kim of Northside Vet Clinic of Tomah for providing support veterinary services, and to Gina Mason of Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter and Jeri Pelkey of Sparta TNR for their wealth of wisdom and advice.

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