What to Expect

Contact: to request a retreat, please familiarize yourself with this page, then email kevala at kevalaretreat dot org Include the following in your email:

  • How you heard of Kevala including the name of anyone who may have referred you
  • The kind of retreat you are planning
  • The dates you are considering & where you will be traveling from

Accommodations: At Kevala Retreat you will find simple accommodations for up to five individual retreatants (more for groups who are here together). Shower and kitchen facilities are mostly shared. Please find an overview of available rooms and hermitages here.

Cost: Kevala Retreat subsists solely by the practice of Dana (generosity) of guests and supporters, in the traditional manner of Buddhist facilities. We ask that you be generous, within your means, to ensure Kevala is available for others after you. For those outside the Buddhist tradition, you may find more about Dana here:

Food: You are responsible for your own food provisions and meal preparation. You may be sharing the kitchen with other retreatants so a mindset of simplicity and efficiency is encouraged. Freezer space and a microwave are available for pre-prepared dishes. Basic supplies are provided ie: oil, salt, pepper, spices, decaffeinated teas. All food at Kevala must be vegetarian (eggs and milk are fine).

Schedule: It is helpful to have attended a guided group retreat before self retreating, but not mandatory. If you do not have previous experience with guided retreat, we encourage you to begin with a short 2-3 day retreat. A suggested self retreat schedule can be found here.

Please DO bring: toiletries, a water bottle, a flash light, an alarm if needed and clothing & footwear appropriate to the weather, season and terrain (think hilly, and potentially icy, muddy or snowy).

Please DO NOT bring: alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, musical instruments or pets.

Electronic devices are highly discouraged on retreat, and may not be used in the common areas. In certain circumstances they may be used, in personal space, with ear buds, specifically for listening to or reading Dhamma materials, or in the case of a writing retreat.

Guidance is available during your retreat, if desired. You may schedule time with Santikaro or Jo Marie as desired.

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