Woodland Hermitage is a simple wooden structure, well insulated with a wood burning stove (and no electricity or plumbing). It is naturally lit by ample windows. The interior is 10×12 feet with a small porch on the east side and a sitting platform along the downhill side. It is located in the back part of the property, a five minute walk from the Guest House.

Garden Hermitage has ample space for meditation, yoga, and reading, plus the sleeping alcove, a closet, a small toilet, and tea making area with sink. It is close to the guesthouse for access to kitchen, showers, etc, and overlooks the garden.

Guest Rooms: On the first floor of the guest house, these are the closest accommodations to bathroom/showers and kitchen. The primary inside guest room has a sitting space towards the front and a sleeping area in the back along with a closet. Our second guest room is a somewhat larger room, has its own entrance and a small patio.

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