Santikaro’s 2024 On-Line Retreat Schedule

  • Mindfulness with Breathing: Contemplating Citta (mind, heart, psyche)January 21 – 27
    This retreat will emphasize the “third tetrad” of mindfulness with breathing, which contemplates the nature of citta (mind, heart, psyche) as it experiences breathing in and out. The emphasis throughout will be contemplation the nature of the side of life that is aware, feels, thinks, remembers, imagines, and can be liberated from affliction. — See Retreat Description before registering.
  • Anapanasati Retreat: Contemplating dhammas, contemplating Dhamma – August dates to be determined
    This retreat focuses on the ultimate section of Anapanasati — Dhamma — concluding the series begun with foundations in February 2023, then feeling tones last August, and mind-heart this past January. Now, we will explore how the previous explorations of breathing, body, vedanas, and citta culminate in sustained contemplation of the ephemeral nature of all experience, how habits of clinging fade and dissolve, the quenching that no longer supports egoistic reactivity, and the celebration of release. We will circle back to the earlier stages and domains, now directly contemplating them as Dhamma (natural truth, realities). — Retreat details here
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