Santikaro’s 2024 In-Person Retreat Schedule

For online retreats, please visit here.

For online classes offered by Santikaro in 2024, please visit here.

  • New Year Retreat at Cloud Mountain, WA — Dec 29 2023 – Jan 5 2024
    An annual retreat hosted by our dear friends in Southwest Washington state. — Retreat details here.
  • What makes human life and death meaningful? – April 12 – 18 at Cloud Mountain, WA
    This central spiritual question has always been embedded in Buddhism and now takes on added weight as we personally and collectively struggle with the ‘unprecedented’ threats of climate meltdown, unresolved pandemics, and political conflict. For many, survival is uncertain and grief is pervasive. These existential realities are scary and the flood of information can be overwhelming. Many of us often feel ourselves floundering or sinking, rather than, say, surfing adventurously. Or we isolate in fear. These very challenges are also opportunities for awakening. — Retreat details here.
  • Insight Chicago Spring Retreat June 3-6 will now be lead by Jason Bartlett, with Santikaro’s support
    See the ICMC website for details. Registration through their EventBrite.
  • Anapanasati & Vipassana, Breathing & Insight, Retreat – 2 weeks at Cloud Mountain, WA – Sept 6 – 19
    This retreat is still scheduled and will be co-taught with Jason Bartlett. It will integrate healing meditation practices with Buddhist teachings and ānāpānasati. Most of the healing meditations will be connected with breathing, thus reinforcing, expanding, and deepening the experience of breathing mindfully and compassionately. Two weeks allows ample time to more fully explore the range of this magnificent practice of ānāpānasati and other ways of healing. The peaceful setting of Cloud Mountain provides ample space and support.
    Retreat details here.
    • Thailand retreats in mid-November & early December (Thai speakers only)

    Register for a retreat here *** Ask a question here

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