Santikaro’s Retreat Schedule

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2023 Retreats: some on-line, some in-person

  • (On-Line) Infusing the New Year with Brahma-Viharas — January 25-29
    The “divine abodes” of kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity, plus gratitude, begin as practices that foster & explore these beautiful, beneficial qualities of heart. These deepen into dwellings that fundamentally re-orient our ways of being in the world and with others. Ultimately they become boundless, far bigger than the self-centered concerns of ordinary ego. See Retreat Description before registering.
  • (On-Line) Insight Chicago Spring Retreat – May 4 – 7 (there’s a chance will will do it in-person in June)
    Details are being worked out. Will be posted on the ICMC website with registration through their EventBrite.
  • Anapanasati & the Power of Healing Retreat – 2 weeks at Cloud Mountain, WA – Sept 29 – Oct 12 (residential)
    This retreat will integrate healing meditation practices with Buddhist teachings and ānāpānasati. Most of the healing meditations will be connected with breathing, thus reinforcing, expanding, and deepening the experience of breathing mindfully and compassionately. Two weeks allows ample time to more fully explore the range of this magnificent practice of ānāpānasati and other ways of healing. The peaceful setting of Cloud Mountain provides ample space and support.
    Retreat details here.

2022 Retreats

  • (On-Line) Anapanasati Retreat: Contemplating Citta-Mind-Heart – January 22-29
    This retreat will emphasize the “third tetrad” of mindfulness with breathing, which contemplates the nature of citta (mind, heart, psyche) as it experiences the breathing and everything connected with breathing. We will also review the basics of breathing, posture, attitude, and context. The emphasis throughout will be contemplation of mind’s nature. Retreat details here.
  • (On-Line) Contemplative Retreat: Birth, Aging, Illness, Death, Karma, & Fear in Covid Times – March 23-27
    This retreat takes up classic Buddhist themes for contemplation with the aim of disentangling from the pervasive fear that is tearing our society apart in the midst of anxious times. We will begin each day with a grounding and settling practice (guided meditation). These contemplation also foster compassion, equanimity, and gratitude.
  • (On-Line) Anapanasati Retreat: Contemplating dhammas, contemplating Dhamma – July 30 – August 6
    This retreat focuses on the ultimate section of Anapanasati — Dhamma — concluding the series begun with foundations in February 2021, then feeling tones last August, and mind-heart this past January. Now, we will explore how the previous explorations of breathing, body, vedanas, and citta culminate in sustained contemplation of the ephemeral nature of all experience, how habits of clinging fade and dissolve, the quenching that no longer supports egoistic reactivity, and the celebration of release. We will circle back to the earlier stages and domains, now directly contemplating them as Dhamma.
    Retreat details here Register here.

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